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How does the hormonal diet work?

If we pay attention to the idea developed in the book “The Hormonal Diet” , it is possible to regulate the endocrine system with diet. According to its author, Dr. Natasha Turner, ” there are about 16 types of hormones that affect the ability to lose weight.”

Some of them would be insulin, sex hormones, stress hormones and mood. Intended as a diet to lose weight   and improve people’s health, it focuses on the relationship between hormonal function and weight loss . 

The hormonal diet: a diet to lose weight

The hormonal diet promises weight loss thanks to the re-initiation of hormones. It is based on the idea that the reason why some people find it difficult to lose weight is hormonal malfunction . Correcting hormonal imbalances in the body is what would allow you to lose weight and maintain it over time.

It also promotes better general health and detoxification of the body. To achieve this, the key would be eating habits, physical exercise and nutritional supplementation.  Hormonal regulation would be achieved with the food eaten, the time of day when meals are made, and other complementary lifestyle habits. 

hormonal diet
The hormonal diet is based on the balance of hormones within the human body

How does it work?

The diet is designed to be carried out in 3 steps, with a duration of 6 weeks. 

Step 1: 2 weeks detox

The first step is to correct some eating habits and to leave behind the consumption of some foods and nutrients that are harmful.

Alcoholic beverages, caffeinated beverages, gluten , added sugar, dairy products, red meat and citrus are not allowed . At the same time, it is recommended to increase the intake of vegetables, fruits, fish, soybeans , vegetable drinks, nuts or whole grains without gluten.

In the words of its creator, the diet is defined as a Mediterranean diet with a low glycemic index. 

Step 2: food reintroduction

In a second phase, some of the forbidden foods can be reintroduced in the first weeks. The list is long and you always have to pay attention to the individual tolerance of each of them .  You are also encouraged to stop  consuming a large number of ultra- processed products .

Step 3: complementary measures to the hormonal diet

Finally, in a third moment , the practice of physical exercise is encouraged to activate hormones and emotional well-being. Likewise, tips are formulated to achieve quality sleep and good stress management 

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Is the hormonal diet bad for your health? 

If we look at the habits that the hormonal diet promotes, we cannot say that it is a bad or dangerous diet for health. Carrying out a caloric reduction – without turning our diet into a severe caloric restriction – and promoting the intake of healthier foods is the basis of many weight loss guidelines. 

In addition, the hormonal diet restricts the consumption of beverages and processed foods . These types of products should not be present in any type of diet, even if you do not want to lose weight. 

Another of its strengths is that, apart from focusing on food, it focuses on sleep , emotional balance, stress -which we should avoid as much as possible- and physical exercise. 

However, it is always recommended that people who want to lose weight follow an individualized program , according to their energy needs and their daily activity. This plan should be adapted gradually to the weight loss achieved. 

Processed foods and hormonal diet
The hormonal diet proposes to eliminate processed and ultra-processed foods, which is good for health in many ways

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The problem of hormonal regulation

The main problem with the hormonal diet is that it promises a hormonal regulation that it is not clear that can occur . At the moment, there is no scientific evidence that this is so. There are books on the hormonal diet and how to apply it, but it is not supported by scientific studies. 

As we have seen, hormones are involved in the general functioning of our body, beyond the regulation of body weight. This is why trying to control it just for the purpose of losing weight could backfire. 

In addition, this diet promotes a great loss of pounds in just two weeks, which would be unhealthy and unrealistic . And it could have a negative impact on your metabolism leading to subsequent weight gain. 

The hormonal diet: yet another eating plan to lose weight

As we have seen, for the moment, the hormone diet can be classified as a weight loss diet . Although it promotes healthy eating and living patterns, it may not be valid for all people. Without taking into account that many times the rapid loss of kilos is not a good strategy to lose weight in the long term. 

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