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Smoothie diet: food to purify your body

The smoothie diet is a simple eating model that serves as a support to cleanse the body. It is not a nutrition program to follow on a regular basis, as it is reduced in calories and its purpose is to cleanse and detoxify. It is not intended to deprive the body of essential nutrients. There are also intermittent fasting diets that can serve the same purpose.

Thus, as with any detox plan its implementation should last a maximum of five days , supported with light and healthy foods. In the same way, it implies putting aside any processed product or rich in sugars and fats .

Based on this, it should be noted that it is recommended to stimulate the elimination of toxins and lose weight . In addition, it facilitates the digestion process and helps reduce abdominal inflammation . Do you dare to try it? Follow its rules and enjoy its properties.


How the smoothie diet works


Restrictive and low-calorie meal plans are a thing of the past. Although they still have a large following, some are opting for more complete and secure alternatives. The smoothie diet involves making certain restrictions in a reduced time of 5 days, compared to the balanced diet .

However, unlike the “miracle” programs, it seeks to provide the body’s nutritional needs in the right measure . For this reason, with a simple  “detox” plan  of three or five days, it facilitates the elimination of toxins without causing decompensation.

These shakes have a supply of antioxidants that is beneficial for health in the medium term. These nutrients slow down aging and help prevent complex diseases, according to research published in the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 

Some of the characteristics of this diet are:

  • Eat five meals a day: three main and two snacks.
  • Take smoothies at the time of main meals.
  • Avoid all kinds of whole dairy products, cold cuts, and pre-made foods.
  • Increase the consumption of whole grains, fish and fresh vegetables.
  • Use alternative cooking methods such as steamed, baked, or boiled.

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Delicious smoothies to enjoy on the cleansing diet

Before starting the smoothie diet, it is convenient to learn some healthy recipes . Although there are dozens of valid combinations, we have opted for the lightest and lowest in calories . Don’t hesitate to try them!

Pineapple and spinach smoothie


Rich in digestive enzymes, amino acids and dietary fiber, it is a great support to cleanse the body and reduce weight. In addition, thanks to its significant energy value, it helps maintain optimal performance .

Its fiber intake stimulates the feeling of satiety, which reduces the risk of consuming ultra-processed foods between meals, as stated in an article published in the journal Nutrition Reviews. 


  • 2 slices of pineapple.
  • 5 spinach leaves.
  • 1 ripe banana.
  • 1 glass of coconut milk (200 ml).


  • First cut the pineapple slice into chunks.
  • Then process it in the blender with the other ingredients.

Blueberry, cucumber and green apple smoothie

This alternative has diuretic properties that help combat fluid retention and inflammation. It also concentrates powerful antioxidants and dietary fiber that, together, optimize digestion and liver health.


  • ½ cup of blueberries (75 g).
  • ½ small cucumber.
  • 1 green apple.
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml).


  1. First wash the blueberries and chop the cucumber and green apple.
  2. Then add everything to the blender, including the glass of water.
  3. Beat for a few moments.

Avocado and soy milk smoothie


Including this drink in a smoothie diet allows you to get a “boost” of energy to increase performance. On the other hand, its ingredients help purify the body and reduce the presence of toxins in the bloodstream .


  • ½ ripe avocado.
  • 1 glass of soy milk (200 ml).
  • 1 ripe peach.
  • 3 spinach leaves.
  • 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds (15 g).


  1. First, pour all the ingredients into the food processor.
  2. Then, blend them until you get a smooth, lump-free drink.

Green Vegetable Mango Apple Smoothie

Thanks to its cleansing properties, this healthy drink helps reduce the load on organs such as the liver, kidneys and colon. Due to this, including it in the diet improves digestion and reduces the risk of diseases .


  • 3 kale leaves (without the stem).
  • ½ ripe mango.
  • ½ green apple.
  • 2 stalks of celery with the leaves.
  • 1 glass of orange juice (200 ml).
  • Parsley and mint leaves (to taste).


  1. Put all the ingredients in the blender glass.
  2. Then process them until they are well integrated.

Apple, papaya and celery smoothie


Due to its combination of ingredients rich in fiber and enzymes, this drink optimizes digestion and relieves constipation . It is also recommended to help combat fluid retention and control cholesterol and high blood pressure.


  • 2 green apples.
  • 2 stalks of celery.
  • 1 slice of papaya.
  • ½ cup of almond milk (125 ml).


  1. Chop the ingredients.
  2. Then blend them in the blender along with the almond milk.

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Smoothie diet model that you can follow to cleanse yourself

Homemade smoothies for fluid retention.


To make a diet of smoothies you should not limit your diet to the example we share below. Although it is an interesting model, you can vary it to your liking by following the mentioned characteristics .

  • Breakfast: A glass of smoothie (the desired one) accompanied, optionally, with two whole grain cookies.
  • Mid-morning: Fruit salad or a handful of nuts.
  • Lunch: Sautéed mushrooms, grilled fish and a glass of smoothie.
  • Snack: Soy yogurt and three chopped hazelnuts.
  • Dinner: Purifying broth or salad plate and glass of  smoothie. 

A diet with a short duration

Remember that the purge only lasts three or five days. After this time, follow a more complete diet according to your needs.

Did you have excesses with food or alcohol? Do you notice your swollen abdomen? Maybe you need a debugger . Therefore, go ahead and implement the smoothie diet and take advantage of its effects.

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