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Coronavirus Spain: 12,788 new infections and 241 deaths

On the day that the Government has decided to declare the state of alarm in much of the Community of Madrid, including the capital, the data on the evolution of the pandemic are similar to those of yesterday in infections, 12,788. Deaths rise, today 241, yesterday 126

Infographic of the evolution of the pandemic in Spain on October 9 / EFE

The data of cases and deaths from COVID-19 in Spain continue to rise.

Today there are 241 deceased (126 yesterday) reaching almost 33,000, exactly 32,929, according to these official figures from the Ministry of Health. In seven days 541 people have died, 134 in Madrid.

Today there have been 12,788 new cases (yesterday 12,423) up to a total of 848,324 since the pandemic began.

Madrid represents 2,995 of these new cases, approximately 25 percent.

The cases notified in the last 24 hours are 5,986 (yesterday 5,585) with Madrid adding 2,256. about 40 percent.

The cases at 14 days are 121,535 and at 7 days, 57,247.

The cumulative incidence (AI), number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants, is today 258.44 (yesterday 256.79); and in Madrid of 540.64 (yesterday 563.86). Only Navarra is ahead of Madrid, with more than 600.

Hospital admissions in seven days have been 2,764, they continue to rise, 2,452 yesterday, and in this period of time 199 patients have been admitted to ICUs, a figure that was 172 yesterday.

However, the total number of hospitalized patients is lower today, 10,554 (yesterday 10,645) with a percentage of beds occupied by COVID-19 patients of the total hospital beds of 8.66% (yesterday 8.95%).

This data in Madrid jumps to 20.61 percent, slightly lower than yesterday, of 21.10 percent.

In the Intensive Care Units there are 1,590 affected by the virus, five more than yesterday, with a percentage of the total number of ICU beds due to coronavirus of 17.91 (yesterday 18.04) of the national average.

In Madrid, this data has been declining tenths this week and today is 39.33 percent compared to 39.81 percent yesterday, a very high figure, since four out of 10 patients who are in the ICU are due to coronavirus.

The income registered in the last 24 hours is 1,303, compared to 1,165 high.

coronavirus test health
The health workers collect samples from volunteers who agree to undergo two tests (one normal PCR and another the rapid test) during the rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19 to validate its operation at the COVID-EXPRES facilities in the Palacio de Congresos de Palma de Mallorca this Friday. EFE / Cati Cladera

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