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Isopraxis: the language of seduction

Since the beginning of time, human beings have found a way to communicate beyond words. Isopraxis, or the language of seduction, falls within this field and is a field yet to be explored in depth.

Biological inheritance is part of each one of us, so it is essential to understand certain behaviors or processes. The body has its own method of communication, and it is important to learn to decipher it.

For this reason, below we analyze the messages that the body can transmit.

Isopraxis: the body also speaks

The body also has communication skills. If you do not feel comfortable in a place, probably the people around you are able to identify it from your body posture or your expression, for example.

It is not just an instinctive survival tool in ancient times – as when a strange sound made a man stop and look around – but the brain also makes it easier for others to perceive behavioral cues.

This explains why with some people you can create an almost immediate bond and maintain a good relationship, while with others the opposite is the case.

It is not difficult to notice that a person is uncomfortable in a chat. It can even be seen if someone is listening just out of courtesy,  even if they have no interest in the conversation .

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How can isopraxis help you win over who you like?

Now, how can you use all this information to your advantage to get the attention of the person you like? The key is in isopraxis. This technique consists of empathizing with the other and creating harmony through gestures and bodily expressions.

For example, the imitation of the other person’s posture, which allows establishing a greater proximity and complicity. It is usually done unconsciously and naturally, as it is a typical physical reaction in social situations. However, it can also be used as a tool in the art of conquest.

The explanation for this mechanism is in the cubelli neurons or mirror neurons , which are involved in imitation, empathic and social behaviors.

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A weapon to conquer

This resource can be used to attract a potential partner or to check if you have bonded with a special person. In fact, you can look at people who start a relationship, they surely touch, are close to each other most of the time and even adopt similar postures.

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Here are some recommendations based on isopraxis to flirt effectively. They are as follows:

  • Maintain an upright position, looking straight ahead and avoiding shrugging your shoulders. This advice not only serves to avoid bad posture, but also to transmit security.
  • Hands should always be out of pockets. They should not be hidden, as this indicates insecurity, as suggested by this study by a team from Columbia University (United States) .
  • Look at the other person when you are speaking and when they are speaking to you.  Those who avoid looking are generally people with shyness problems, although this can also be improved.
  • It is also allowed to lean a little to denote interest, but it is not advisable to touch the other or invade their personal space .

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How to know if the other person is interested

According to isopraxis, if the other person looks at you from the front, their pupils dilate a little and they lean their body towards you, there could be some interest. But if, on the contrary, the person avoids you, watches the clock constantly or their body posture denotes withdrawal, you may not be too attracted to them.

Keep in mind that they are approximate statements. Each person is a world and their way of developing in the communicative field as well. Like you, the other person may be changing their body posture on purpose so that you don’t think they are interested in you or because they feel nervous in front of the person they like.

Taking isopraxis into account is important, since it allows real evaluations of what the other person could feel and not express verbally. All this, without a doubt, will allow you to  develop better communication with others.

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