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Keys to take care of the couple’s relationship

Love must be cultivated, like a plant. For this reason, today we want to share with you the keys to taking care of the couple’s relationship. There could be 4 essentials.

When we start a relationship, the beginning is usually more intense, but, unfortunately, over time relationships tend to decline . Some even conclude.

After the family, studies such as the one carried out by researchers at the Universidad Santo Tomás, in Chile , indicate that the couple relationship is one of the most significant and intense in our lives, influencing our well-being.

With all this, we do not need more explanations to make sense of the desire to want to be next to a person. But how can we take care of our relationship so that it is healthy and does not fall into harmful attachments or deterioration?

According to professor at the University of Chile Fernando Maureira , there are four essential components in a relationship: commitment, romance, love and intimacy.  In addition to these elements, there are also other factors that we can use to safeguard our coexistence as a couple. Discover them!

Keys to take care of the couple’s relationship

1. Loving ourselves

In order to give love, we first need to love ourselves. Loving ourselves and being willing to grow as human beings is essential.

In fact, many conflicts in the couple begin with their own deficiencies. When this happens, then one of the members can demand from the other what in reality no one else can give him.

We can overturn these limiting ideas, founded on romantic myths , and that prevent us from truly loving. For example, one of these beliefs is that the other person completes us. This is false. We are complete from the moment we are born .

Self-esteem and self-confidence
To have a healthy relationship, we must put aside those limiting romantic thoughts. Before loving another person, we must love ourselves.

2. Acknowledge our mistakes

This is crucial in order to improve. If we want a relationship that is healthy, the proper thing is to recognize our defects and be willing to change.   We all have some aspect of our life to improve. If we are honest, we may even ask for help if we feel like we can’t.

psychologist can be of help in this regard. This professional can help you envision the areas you need to work on to become a better person. When you start managing your thoughts and emotions in the right way, it will be much easier to have a relationship that is healthy.

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3. Build spaces for intimacy

This is not just about sexuality. Having a space for intimacy, in addition to getting closer to the couple, allows us to relate our dreams, express our fears , tell our illusions, among others.

4. Play down small problems

Sometimes we unleash catastrophes where there are only small problems. The best antidote to dissolving problems is to laugh and focus on the big projects.

What is the secret of couples that work?
It is important to downplay those little things that cause discomfort in the couple. Dialogue and think about projects helps to overcome difficulties.

5. Create common projects

And work for them. This allows the relationship to grow stronger. That is, looking at both in one direction, but without neglecting the dreams of each. Some of the objectives that can be raised can range from taking a trip, renovating a house or starting a business.

6. A getaway

A romance-filled getaway can go a long way toward nurturing your relationship. In these moments you can escape the routine and find each other, without distracting elements.

Although many couples wait for a special day to do it, it can also be done at any time. That is, you don’t have to wait for a birthday or anniversary to pack your bags and travel together.

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7. Dialogue in the couple relationship

Some couples only communicate when they have serious problems to attend to, but dialogue is necessary at all times. It can be good to spend at least ten minutes each morning talking or reminding each other how much you love each other. A great option can be active listening .

Listening, one of the keys to taking care of your relationship
Dialogue and active listening are decisive for having a good coexistence as a couple. It is important to practice it, even when there are no problems involved.

8. Never forget the details

These reinforce the couple’s relationship every day. Thus, some may be: a romantic note, a massage or a surprise dinner, among others. Details can be unexpected. We all like them!

9. Respect in the couple relationship

This is another key component. Both towards you, and towards your partner. When we respect ourselves, it is more feasible to begin to experience well-being because respect is the first step towards happiness.

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy a good relationship. Identify any mistakes you may be making and try to change the situation as soon as you can. It is never too late to start and much less to love. And remember that you can always consult with a couples therapist if your problems are not solved.

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