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What is being autosexual?

You may find the idea of ​​“being autosexual” a bit strange if you’ve never heard of it before. This is because it is not something that is commonly talked about in society. Yet it is present.

Those who are autosexual often hide it for fear of the judgment that others may make. And because? What can lead to prejudice? Let’s see more about it below.

What does it mean to be autosexual?

Have you ever seen a person who looks in the mirror and loves himself more than another person? Have you ever known a person who needs to think about themselves when masturbating in order to have an orgasm ? If the answer is yes, then you are dealing with an autosexual person.

Most definitions of autosexuality refer to all those people who are sexually attracted to themselves. Yes, just as a heterosexual is attracted to people of the other sex, and a homosexual is attracted to people of the same sex, autosexuals are attracted to themselves.

Indeed, this type of expression of sexuality is being considered today as one more orientation and there are already many cases of people who are deciding to relate their experience to stop being invisible.

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Being autosexual is not being narcissistic

It is likely that, in the first instance, the word autosexual makes us think of narcissism . However, they are not the same.

Narcissists need a group of people around, or other people in particular, to constantly praise them and, in this way, caress the ego. While, for his part, the autosexual does not need more than himself.

Furthermore, autosexual people do not need others to have a stable relationship, because they can have it with themselves, self-sufficiently and without third parties. That is why they are also called autoromantic.

Being autosexual is not new

Although it may seem novel, the term itself is not. Since 1962, the therapist Bernard Apfelbaum, a specialist in ego analysis in the field of sexuality, had studied this concept, and commented that: “being autosexual does not mean that a person does not like having relationships with others, but that no companion in bed would be able to overcome the pleasure he feels with himself ”.

The testimonies that exist about the condition of autosexual support what was affirmed by the therapist. Thus, a girl, who preferred not to disclose her name, said:

“When I masturbate, I do it thinking of myself, they are images in my mind. In my fantasies, I am the protagonist, I often imagine myself naked.

If it is someone else who caresses me, I do not feel the same, I never enjoy myself. I feel drawn to myself, in a deep way ”.

So, the most ideal for everyone to be happy seems to be the case in which two people with autosexual orientation go out, since in this way they would understand their needs and could take the time alone they need without having to feel guilty about it, nor feel selfish.

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Autosexuality and the dream of having a family

Of course, autosexual people can aspire to dating, and some even dream of having a family. However, they will always feel love or be in love with them, just as it is also a fact that they will feel more pleasure with images of themselves.

However, autosexuality is much more than the act of masturbation. Since an autosexual can prepare a bathtub, light scented candles, play soft music and dance, or have dinner and have a romantic encounter with himself.

Autosexuality, although it may refer to an orientation, still requires more studies to be defined more precisely , in addition to being a term that has yet to gain ground in everyday life.

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Autosexual people can aspire to dating, family, or any other form of relationship. However, it is a fact that they will always take pleasure in images of themselves.

Orientation or disorder?

Is it truly an orientation and not a personality disorder? Dr. Jennifer McGowan, an expert on these issues, said that the narcissistic personality disorder has symptoms that allow a diagnosis.

But, in the case of autosexuality, it does not work that way, because autosexuals feel more comfortable when they enjoy their company, unlike the excessive attention that narcissists need.

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The researcher also clarified that autosexuality is not associated with the lack of empathy, typical of narcissism, but simply that the autosexual feels a preference for personal and private sexual experiences.

These words are given strength by the testimony of the aforementioned autosexual girl, since she maintains: “If I am in a relationship, or if I am single, I can always count on me.” To this she adds that she has the best orgasms with herself.

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