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About Health – Man and the Universe …

We have already noted and directed our attention to the fact that man does not live alone on planet Earth. He lives and is part of many different groups and communities – of family, friends, populated place, country, planet, and the universe in the universe … Each of them has its own Health.

It is natural that the health of each individual, good or bad, affects the health of everyone else. If his body is sick and his Health is disturbed, then the Health of others is disturbed. Often people in conversation, without thinking, confirm it.

With regard to the family, when a family member is ill, others say, “We have a sick person at home,” that is, his family is sick because part of it is sick. In the society of friends, when there is a sick one they say: “our common friend is sick.”

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When the health of a city is disturbed, people usually say, “Many people in our city are sick of this disease,” for a country’s health they say, “many diseases are spreading in this country.” For our common home Planet Earth, people say: “our planet is sick,” because the waters and the air are polluted, the ecological equilibrium is broken and so on. Thus people express their sympathy and anxiety from the disrupted individual and general health.

In this sense, under the notion of Health, we must understand and include the Health of all these different categories that are part of a Universal Health – the Universal. It is violated when the Health of any part of the universe is disturbed because it acts on the rest. We must be accountable to our own Health and by keeping it in good condition, we support the health of our friends, society, compatriots and so on.

This rule also applies in the opposite direction. When our Planet Earth is ill, it threatens and worsens the Health of all the inhabitants of the earth. When the health of a country or a city is broken, its inhabitants also become ill. The same applies to each of the categories listed.

When we talk about Human Health as a whole, we have to understand that it is about the Health of Individual Individuals. When we talk about Health of the Family as a whole, we have to understand that it is about the Health of every single Family. When we talk about Health of the Settlement, in general, we have to consider the Health of every single settlement. When we talk about State Health as a whole, we need to consider the health of all countries. When we talk about Planet Earth Health in general, we need to consider the Health of All Planets. That is, it’s about both the Health of each of these communities and the Health of each of its members individually.

If we extend the notion of Health, we must also think that the inhabitants of the planet Earth are actually not only humans but also all living creatures that inhabit it – humans, animals, plants, minerals, and others. Such are all other planets throughout the universe. They also have their own Health. Each one of them is a fraction of the general that connects us, from our common home – the universe.

In the end, speaking of Health, we need to understand not only the Health of Man but the Health of the whole Universe and everything in it. Because they are connected and interdependent from one another. Being a person Healthy or ill is a huge responsibility because it affects everyone.

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If a person’s Health is not good, it also affects his Family because the family is sick of this member’s disease. Then all members of the Family suffer for him, help him, take care of him, think of him.
If the health of many people is not good, then many Families are ill. If many Families suffer in a populated area, then the community in that settlement is ill. Because then society suffers for them, cares helps them, and thinks about them.
If community health is disturbed in a populated area, it affects the health of society and other populated areas because they start thinking about it, helping it, caring for it. Then the Health of the country, in general, is disturbed, because the health of many of its settlements is not good.

If a country’s health is disturbed, it begins to suffer the other countries, start thinking about them, help them, that is, their Health is disturbed. Let us remember Health in Third World countries where diseases and misery are spreading. All countries suffer for them and organize humanitarian aid donations. If the health of many countries of Planet Earth is disturbed, then its Health is also broken. By the same logic, the health of the other planets of the universe as a whole is disturbed.

However, the universe does not tolerate an imbalance, and through its messages and harsh laws surrounds order and harmony, passing it to all its constituent parts. It sends messages to the inhabitants of Planet Earth, for example, to take care of her Health, because their Health depends on her. Do not we, too, suffer if our Planet Earth is sick? We suffer and realize that we need to help, to take care of it.

Do we do it enough? By the same logic, societies of states, settlements, and families should ensure that Love and Harmony are established in their community.

The universe is designed to have Universal Harmony in it – among all its constituent parts. There is a problem in one of these parts, the others suffer, the universe suffers. Is the health of one of them violated, and Health and the whole universe is broken. So, the disrupted Health of an Individual Man influences the Universal Harmony. One needs an hour to realize this with all his responsibility and a sense of duty.

As we have already learned, a man suffers because of his bad thoughts, emotions, and deeds. By the same logic, a society, a city or a country is ill, because of the bad thoughts, emotions, and share of its inhabitants. Our planet Earth is sick because of bad thoughts, emotions and the share of its inhabitants.

The health of the planet Earth will recover as the inhabitants of the earth begin to control their bad thoughts, emotions, and deeds. The health of our country will recover and the situation will be fine when all of us, its inhabitants, begin to radiate only good thoughts, positive emotions, and decent deeds.

It is the same with every single individual, his health will recover when he clears away his negative thoughts, emotions, and deeds.

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