When a person stays with himself when there is no one around him – he is in the real world, there are people around him – he is already in the shadows of life.

2. Someone says, “A heavy word told me.” How much does this word matter? How did she measure it? They called you “stupid”. Why is this word heavy? “Because her vibrations are disharmonic. Knowing this, never tell a person a word that has disharmonic oscillations. Every word you want to tell someone first try on yourself. If it does not work well for you, refrain from using it.

3. You refuse to do the service a person wants from you, on the pretext that you do not want or have no time to do it, you are associated with a negative law in Nature. A chain of negative forces opposes you, which in the long run spoil your good plans. They are like groundwater, which slowly but surely destroys the foundations of your life.

4. You all want the world outside of you to be right. The world inside you must be fine.

5. If someone can not give you a nice, nice look, you look at it like that. Wish everybody good. Tell a man a good word and do not think anymore. How he will do, whether he deserves – that he does not care. This man was not born to understand you. It is important that you understand God and help. This is the meaning and beauty of life.

6. One is accurate with respect to those he loves. Honest man is accurate to all.

7. You pass by your acquaintance and you say to yourself: this one does not even deserve “Good Day” to tell him. In a dangerous place, place this. Tell him, “Have a good time. I wish you success! Whatever you think, you can do it! ”

8. You have heard something – do not distribute it. Someone hurt you – do not tell him.

9. Someone said something bad at your address – do not worry, your peace costs a lot more than what someone said. What he says is for him.

10. Every good or bad person who has visited you always leaves your influence on you. If you were a clairvoyant, you would see that each person separates a thin matter that falls as a light or shadow over the one he meets. If it is a shadow, this person experiences a certain malaise. The good and pure man leaves only light on people.

11. Someone says, “I can not bear this man.” And he does not suspect he destroys the one he hates, but he destroys himself at the same time.

12. You want people to love you. Are you something of yourself for them? Have you sacrificed anything? Anyone who loved you so far, did you rate them? Have you thanked all those who have done you some kind of service?

13. Someone says, “I have no conditions to do good.” – You always have conditions for good.

14. Do you think that much knowledge is needed to find out whether a person is good or bad? The good man is burning and shining. The bad guy neither burns nor shines.

15. If you give someone money, do you have the right to take them? – yes! From Divine Point – No! I’m talking about real relationships.

16. Someone says about someone, “I can not love this man.” When he tells me this, I know he does not love God. Love overcomes all the difficulties. When a person loves, there are no bad people.

17. When you see that a person makes a mistake, use it to learn. Because you have to know that every thing that happens on Earth is a collective act. You do not know why a person has slipped somewhere and made a mistake.

18. People suffer from indifference and die again from indifference. They have great love, but mainly to themselves. If people had such love for their neighbors as they have toward themselves, the world would not expect any other salvation from anywhere. He would be saved.

19. You meet a man dressed in simple clothes, but there is one soul, one spirit, one heart, one mind. All this you have to find in man. If you pay attention only to its appearance, to the new and beautiful garment, and to ignoring everything else that lies under this garment, you will not see the Divine.

20. Before you say about someone bad, stop, think, do not put mud on anyone. He drew the torso from his eye and from the eye of his enemy – the other would be.

21. You are rough because you have no inner light. In the evenings the stones are cold. When there is inner light, man is soft, warm, gentle. When he loses that light, he gets cold and rough.

22. Anyone who gives you nothing and does not take anything from you does not love you. He who only gives, without taking, also does not love you. The one who only takes, he not only you, but does not love anyone.

23. He who gives, he is blessed. From what God has given you, give. The strong one always gives.

24. No government will release you. Freedom is not an external but an internal process.

25. Do not care if other people love you or not. Just be interested in whether you love it.

26. The good man gives and does not think what he has given, who he has given, why he has given, is he deserved.

27. Who is sent by God? The one who takes you out of the water when you give up. A brother may be born to you, but if he does not take you out of the water, he is not sent by God, and he is not your true brother. The one who helps you when you need it, he is sent by God.

28. Someone told me a bad word – I am guilty of having accepted it. He is guilty of “selling” me a bad commodity, I am guilty of having bought it. Whoever insults and who is offended – both have guilt.

29. Everyone should be honored for what he is and not for what he is not.

30. If you see the presence of God in every person and give him the right attention, you are on the right path. However, if you expect your happiness from a man, you are on the wrong track. We will not find happiness on earth and in humans.

31. With a fine sieve of friendship is not done. People will go with big sieves and broad hearts.

32. Never let anyone interfere with your work. Neither do you talk about the work and the freedom of others.

33. If there is even one person with whom you have not resigned, it will be a stumbling block to go into the spiritual world.

34. There is a law of periodicity in the world, according to which what one does with respect to others will, after a certain period of time, return to it.

35. If you make a difference between one person and another, you are wrong now. All people are equally good, but they did not all look the same.

36. No one should hold very close to yourself. Love without getting attached. In the proximity there is no beauty.

37. Love is the harmony of the spirit. If people do not love you, you will love them.

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